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Twin-Screw differential speed pre-conditioner

Product advantages
All stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, side door design, easy to clean.
Detailed introduction

•All stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, side door design, easy to clean.

•Synchronous multi-point steam inlet structure, ensure that the steam is full and evenly tempered.

•The large volume and reasonable blade distribution allow the material to have sufficient conditioning time, which can reach 3 minutes and the effect is stable.

•Improve the quality of granular products, improve the strength of aquatic pellet feed and stability in water.

•The high temperature of steam effectively kills germs, which is beneficial to food health and prolongs the storage time of products.

•It is beneficial to the liquid addition and can be added with high viscous, high fat additives such as fish oil, lecithin, and fish syrup. Meet the nutritional needs of different animals. Oil up to 20%.

•Fully improve starch gelatinization and protein denaturation, improve product quality and yield, effectively improve the palatability of the product, and increase the digestion and absorption rate of the product particles.





Main motor power(KW)








Screw diameter(mm)




Transfer method

Direct drive

Direct drive

Direct drive

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